"What is that to thee?"

This quotation from the gospel of John, "What is that to thee? follow thou me," is sufficiently well known to excuse any attempt herein to comment upon it as originally given by Jesus. It is the purpose of this article, on the contrary, to put forward some views on its application to the present,—the all-important now. It is assumed that there is no one in the world to-day who has not found it necessary on some occasion to take sides on some question more or less important. It is a fact, perhaps more fortunate than the majority are willing to understand, that the present day affords any number of opportunities to take sides in controversies social, political, and religious. What is unfortunate is that so many of us, in deciding which side to take, are apt to run down the other side to the full extent of our ability,—by deed, when that is possible, and by word and thought.

In "Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures" our Leader has included many prophecies of the effect of the thought of Christian Scientists on the problems of world regeneration, and it would appear desirable, therefore, to make a thorough examination of our thoughts, see what they are, where they are leading us, and what effect they are likely to have upon the world. Mrs. Eddy often refers to our path toward perfection as a "course," and on page 268 of her "Miscellaneous Writings" she says, "The Christian Scientist keeps straight to the course." The complete Christian Scientist, yes: the student of Christian Science? Well, probably not, as the following simile may make clear.

"Great and mighty things"
December 11, 1920

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