Signs of the Times

["The Act of God"—The Christian Science Monitor, Boston, U.S.A. Nov. 10, 1920]

The metaphysics of Christianity shows God to be Principle, or the eternal cause of all things, the everlasting Mind that does not permit, has never permitted, and never will permit any other so-called power to take His place, for He is All. Divine Science proves this statement by simple logic which demonstrates that real consciousness, infinite good, or Mind in its unlimited meaning, exists. All things are the reflection of this Mind, but nothing material is included in this expression. The reason that matter is not found in Mind and its expression is the very elemental one that grapes do not grow from fig trees. Principle brings forth its likeness, that which is incorporeal, spiritual, and eternal like itself. Matter, or mortal mind, material man and a material universe, are unreal. Physical scientists, attempting to prove the substance of matter, find it what they call a from of energy, or activity. This is merely a supposed counterfeit of the activity of Mind, which is spiritual and unlimited. Before this fact the belief of matter must finally melt away, for "he uttered his voice, the earth melted."

December 11, 1920

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