For the many blessings which I have received through...

For the many blessings which I have received through Christian Science I am indeed grateful to God, to Christ Jesus the Way-shower, to Mrs. Eddy, who labored long and faithfully that we might know the truth, and to a loving practitioner who has helped me to realize the nothingness of error.

The first demonstration was made for me a few years ago when I knew but very little of Christian Science. I became very ill with chills and fever and my husband called a doctor, as we had, up to that time, depended upon materia medica for help, not knowing God as All-power. The doctor pronounced the case to be serious, installed a nurse, and asked for a consultation of physicians. The diagnosis was typhoid-malaria and acute appendicitis, the doctors declaring that the appendix had broken and the poison was rapidly passing through the system; they also said there was paralysis of the lower bowels and a fever running extremely high. The doctors insisted that I should be taken to the hospital for an immediate operation; in fact, they held out very little hope. When this was told to me the thought came at once to try Christian Science. A practitioner was called, the doctors dismissed,—much to their wonder and surprise,—a Christian Science nurse was engaged, and from the moment the practitioner began treatment I felt a great peace and rest and immediately fell asleep, which I had not been able to do for several days. The next day I sat up, and within one week was out on the street.

Signs of the Times
December 11, 1920

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