So many cases of poverty need healing to-day, so many...

So many cases of poverty need healing to-day, so many are looking for work and supply, that one little experience of mine may be helpful to some one. The problem of supply has confronted me several times since I started out alone in the world just eleven years ago, with but one hundred and eighty dollars left after paying my traveling expenses and freight bills, for I had to move from one city to another. I took a small apartment at twenty-three dollars a month. I never knew just where the money was coming from, but I let one room, and some other work and a great deal of embroidering gave me the necessary supply.

One evening I discovered, however, that I had but a nickel left besides the rent money, which I had put aside and which was due the next day. Great was the temptation to spend that nickel for a loaf of bread, for there was none in the house, but it was Wednesday night and I must go to church. It would be almost impossible for me to walk both ways, for the church was nearly two miles away, and I had to pass through a dark manufacturing part of the city, where it was hardly pleasant to walk alone late at night. Then, too, it was a cold, rainy day in March, with snow and slush in abundance. I decided to walk to church, and ride back, and trust divine Love to get me a loaf of bread. Had I not just been reading, "For thy Maker is thine husband; the Lord of hosts is his name"? Was He not better able and quite as willing to support and supply me as any mortal sense of husband would be? I arrived at the church early, and held fast my nickel, happy and undisturbed by fear. After the service quite a number of ladies whom I knew boarded the homeward bound car with me, and one of them insisted on paying my fare. She remarked that I was always so happy and jolly that she wondered if I had ever known what trouble meant. Trouble had sent me out into the world alone, but I resolved, then and there, that I would always try to be happy and jolly, regardless of an empty purse or an empty larder. So I still had my nickel, and in the morning I went out bright and early for my bread.

Testimony of Healing
For one made happy in every way through Christian Science,...
October 23, 1920

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