Demand and Supply

A real remedy for the present condition in the world called "lack of supply" would be welcomed by every humane individual. The daily press names it variously as "lack of coal," "lack of houses and apartments," "lack of money," and in many European countries it is "lack of food" and of everything else generally.

David sang, in the thirty-fourth psalm, "They that seek the Lord shall not want [lack] any good thing." This shows us where our supply is, but how are we to obtain it? Instances are numerous in the Old Testament showing that God supplied the needs of His people. The Israelites were fed with daily supplies of manna when in the wilderness; God commanded the ravens and they fed Elijah. The feeding of the five thousand and the seven thousand by Jesus as recorded in the gospels shows that he knew the source of supply and also how to unlock the storehouse. He also showed that the source is spiritual although manifested in a practical way, a way the common people could understand.

Human Will Power Condemned
October 23, 1920

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