Extracts from Letters

"Two Sunday services are now being held at Great Lakes, Illinois, one at the main camp and one at Camp Perry. At Camp Grant the Liberty Theater has been offered for the Sunday services and the management has arranged to run a slide during the week announcing these services. Recently, when the theater was being used for Army purposes, the Lesson-Sermon was read by the river, under the trees, when the little hillside seemed a sanctuary."

"Inclosed please find check for five dollars which we would like you to use for the War Relief fund, The Christian Science Benevolent Association fund, or the Real Estate fund. We are very grateful for the opportunity to assist financially in the activities of The Mother Church. It has been proved to us that the desire to subscribe to all the funds has been fulfilled with greater spiritual understanding, proving that "whatever blesses one blesses all" (Science and Health, p. 206). We wish to express our gratitude to all the officers of The Mother Church for their activity and the opportunity that they have given the field to assist in the progress of this great work. We are very grateful for the literature because it supplies us with 'the bread of life.' We appreciate the activities which church membership provides, having been active in various branches of the work for a number of years. These activities have greatly increased our spiritual understanding, and it is our prayer that we may follow Christ as diligently and obediently as did our beloved Leader."

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