Things have greatly changed since I came into Christian Science

Things have greatly changed since I came into Christian Science. I see everything in a different light. Before that time I feared everything. If I heard of something that had happened to a neighbor, I feared it would happen to some of us, and I carried that load until I heard of something else. I also suffered from constipation, which had troubled me for eight years, but I can now say that I am freed from all. It was about two years ago that I first heard of Christian Science, but I could not get a copy of Science and Health, until June, 1903. When I began reading this book, it was like Greek to me; but I had not read very long before I caught a faint glimpse of its meaning, and the more I read the clearer was my understanding. What a comfort it was to me, the error that seemed so real in the old thought had disappeared into its native nothingness.

I wish to tell of a demonstration I had with my grandmother. She was taken ill very suddenly, and when I got to her home I thought she could not live. Then the thought came to me.—God is with you, can't you speak the truth to her? What a calm, peaceful feeling I had as I realized the truth,—knowing that God is Love and God is Life. She did not seem to get better for some time, but I clung to the truth without a doubt, and in the course of an hour and a half the swelling had all gone from her tongue and it had its natural color. She could talk, and then the jerking ceased. She was much better, and to-day she is as well as she was before she was sick. This proved to me the power of divine Love to heal.

Testimony of Healing
Before I knew about Christian Science I had a very sensitive...
January 21, 1905

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