Keeping our Lights Aglow

Several years ago I read of an incident which illustrated most vividly the need that each individual hold forth steadily this word of Life,—Christian Science. A traveler who visited the lighthouse at Calais, questioned the keeper, "What if, on one of these stormy nights, this light should go out?" To this the keeper replied, "If to-night this light should go out, I would receive a message from India, America, or perhaps from some other part of the world from which I had never before heard, saying that on a certain night the light was out and a ship was in danger." He added, "I look across the sea and feel that the eyes of the whole world are looking at this light. Go out! burn dim! No, never!"

As I finished the reading of this story I thought of what our lives should be as Christian Scientists, and I saw that we should be no less faithful and earnest in our work of reflecting the light of Truth, for if it means so much that these lesser lights be kept constantly burning, how much more needful is it that from each individual consciousness there should shine out, clear and radiant, its knowledge of Truth undimmed by error's shadows.

An Experience
January 21, 1905

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