Our Angel Visitants

The last Sentinel and Journal have just been read and thoughts from the many beautiful articles remain as sweet, hallowed, and helpful memories attuning consciousness to things divine. We are prone to dream sometimes of experiences past, and to-day a sense of retrospection is much with me. I look backward over more than eight years to when I first learned that "pure thoughts are angels," and recall how this explication wrought my conversion to Christian Science.

Through the persuasion of a friend whom I greatly admired for her Christian characteristics and womanliness, and who had joined the new belief, I went to one of the meetings. The reading and interpretation seemed little more than a jumble to me. Words strangely applied, sentences and phrases so contradictory as to be quite ludicrous, I said to myself. Courtesy, nothing else, led me to remain until the end. Well was it that something hedged about my going. Just at closing time that wondrous revelation and definition from Science and Health, page 298, was read, "Angels ... are pure thoughts from God, winged with Truth and Love, no matter what their individualism may be." In an instant the whole scene changed. All scorn, all prejudice melted away like snow under a summer sun. Home I went in an ecstasy of delight. Over and over I repeated the words. Days and days I could think of nothing else. Indeed, naught else did I care to think of. Science and Health was procured and it has been my constant companion ever since. Did this light or vision stay on? No and yes. The human had its struggle. The Red Sea and Gethsemane have both come into experience, but always there has remained the angel thought of Love to take away the sting of hate; the thought of peace to soothe strife; the thought of joy to antidote sorrow; the thought of abundance to make poverty flee away; the thought of health to overcome sickness, until "a white-winged angel throng" (Miscellaneous Writings, p. 396) lights the gloaming, and the seeming shadows have passed away. The revelation of Christian Science which has thus taught us to perceive and entertain angels,—was ever greater given to any age! Revered forever should be a consciousness so holy that it could receive and bear the message to you and to me!

The Way that He Willeth for Me
December 17, 1904

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