Fasting and Feasting

The religious instinct of our Puritan ancestors is preserved in more or less of its original form on those occasions when by state proclamation we abstain from labor and give ourselves over to fasting or feasting and prayer. Much of the austerity of the primitive customs of our fore-fathers is lacking in our modern observances, and this is very evidently a development along the lines of broadening concepts, a preface, as it were, to a larger advance, when we shall recognize that because "All is infinite Mind and its infinite manifestation" (Science and Health, p. 468), man has no need to afflict himself in order to prove to God that he loves Him and is obedient to Him.

The true sense of fasting must be learned before we can righteously expect that the act itself will bring any reward. If the real purpose and meaning of fasting have been perverted, then we must needs find the original intent before the blessings attendant upon it can be made available. Apparently mortal mind has not omitted to lie about the act of fasting and to deceive the whole world regarding this function of man. We know what Jesus called evil, or an evil mind. He said it was a lie and the father of lies, and in Revelation this same mortal mind or liar is described as "that old serpent, ... which deceiveth the whole world." If, then, we have been deceived as to what constitutes fasting, where may we discover the truth about it? The Bible contains the truth about God and man, and it needs only to be spiritually understood. The Christian Science text-book, Science and Health, throws upon the sacred pages the clear white light of Spirit, and makes plain what mortal mind would becloud and bedim.

Testimony of Healing
A Lesson from the Trees
December 17, 1904

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