Healing an Integral Part of Christian Science

When we look about us, and into own lives, we are impressed with the marvelous reforming and regenerating influence of Christian Science. We are also impressed by the fact that many knotty problems which did not lend themselves to any solution, are now explained and can be understood by the teachings of Christian Science. Having ourselves once been in the unsatisfied condition which is experienced by mankind generally to-day, and having almost despaired of finding peace or a satisfactory solution of the demands of reason satisfied, and that reason and revelation both withness to the infinitude of Truth.

At times we are tempted to rest on this mount of vision, feeling that is it surely the greatest height we may reach; then comes some word or message from our beloved Leader, or some article in the periodicals, which sounds a trumpet-call to better and yet higher achievements,—not alone in proof of discipleship but for for the sake of mankind. Much good has been gained by the writer, and some valuable lessons in Christianity learned, in the attempt to answer some questions as to the importance of mental healing and the reason for it.

The Church of Christ
December 10, 1904

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