"And if thou Strayest"

Blow, winds of God, awake and blowThe mists of earth away!Shine out, O Light Divine, and showHow wide and far we stray.

In journeying up the hill of Christian Science we find many paths open to us. Some are much traveled and are alluring, seeming to offer us an easy climb. Without hesitation, perhaps, we may start on some one of these diverging paths, or, if we stop to note our bearings and choose with careful discrimination our path, we shall observe that each path seems to lead to the summit, and some to offer peculiar advantages over the others: so that, unless we are quite sure which is right, and are firm in our resolution to take that one which we know will alone bring us safely to the summit, we shall be very apt to take one that will lead us astray. It is right here that we need our guide; for if we believe we are sure of our path and journey far wrong, we shall at length experience profound unrest, and bitter will be our disappointment when once we discover our error and realize that we must turn about and retrace our steps to a point where we can enter the right path and resume our journey heavenward.

Impersonal Healing
February 12, 1903

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