Mrs. Eddy Replies to Mark Twain

Believes in but one Mother Mary and Knows she is not that One.—Explains the Appellation.—Name Given without her Consent by Students Spreads like Wildfire.

The New York Herald

A letter in this article was later republished in The First Church of Christ, Scientist, and Miscellany: My. 302:12-303:32

Concord, N. H., Friday.—In answer to criticisms by Mark Twain, Mrs. Mary Baker G. Eddy makes the following statement:—

It is a fact, well understood, that I begged the students who first gave me the endearing appellative "mother" not to name me thus. But without my consent that word spread like wildfire. I still must think the name is not applicable to me: I stand in relation to this century, as a Christian discoverer, founder, and leader, I regard self-deification as blasphemous; I may be more loved, but I am less lauded, pampered, provided for, and cheered, than others before me—and wherefore? Because Christian Science is not yet popular, and I refuse adulation.

Must make us Laugh
January 22, 1903

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