The Lectures

Seldom does the Temple hold a larger audience than assembled January 20, to listen to an exposition of Christian Science from the lips of Mrs. Annie M. Knott of Detroit, a practitioner of this healing process. The audience was attentive from start to finish, and was metaphorically at the feet of the teacher and willing learners of her doctrine. Many of the ministers of the city were present, and not a few of the medical fraternity, who listened with intent ear and with all the respect due a modest, clear-spoken woman. If any had an idea the theories of the speaker would be subjected to the fire of cross-examination by some stalwart practitioner like Dr. Myers, they were disappointed. Dr. Myers was present, and to all appearances enjoyed the disquistion on Christian Science.

Mrs. Knott's treatment of the subject did not differ materially from the usual one based on the proposition that disease is of the carnal mind—is not an entity, and is contrary to divine Will.

What there is in Christian Science
February 2, 1899

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