Failures in the Practice.

Denver Republican

It is often asked why Christian Scientists are not successful in every case, if their system of healing be divine and therefore infallible. The fact that patients do pass away while under Christian Science treatment is accepted by many as proof positive that the system is either a delusion or a cheat.

Protests such as the following are often voiced by critics: "I am told that Christian Science heals by the power of Christ and is divine. Disease is error, and so on. I deny absolutely such power. I assert most emphatically that there is no evidence of such a power being in existence. I do not believe it ever was. If it is now in existence, in use, it is divine, and therefore infallible. Any one possessing it should be able to avert every ill, but Christian Science patients die right along the same as others. If it be said that this is due to the Christian Scientists not having the full power, or the patient resisting, then the element of failure is admitted, and the divine method is fallible, the same as allopathic, homeopathic, or that late idea, the osteopathic."

February 2, 1899

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