A Lesson from a Plate-Glass Window

One evening as I walked thoughtfully along, revolving and considering the great "Truths of Being," I glanced up at a beautiful dwelling with immense plate-glass windows in every part. Quick came the comparison: even mortals are unconsciously seeking light (God's immutable Truth), for improvement and progression, are calling for and using more light, more transparencies in the homes (dwelling place of a belief of matter as substance). The number of openings called windows is constantly increasing, enlightening, cleansing, and beautifying the interior, until plants and foliage of various kinds can thrive in any part, and now the palm, the "symbol of victory," is considered an almost essential part of the furnishings.

Not long ago, a five by seven pane of glass was indeed a luxury, a wonderful discovery, a progressive step. Then back, farther back went thought to the formation of what is called glass, or transparency for light—to the tiny grains of sand, washed and rewashed by contact with or falling of water, separating from each tiny atom that which was not clear.

February 2, 1899

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