Another famous novelist and writer has died in London;...

Another famous novelist and writer has died in London; William Black, one of the most popular writers of fiction for almost a full generation. He died in the hands of physicians at the age of fifty-eight years. He was a comparatively young man. Surely he could not have died of senility. Why then did he die, if the profession of medicine is a life-saving profession? So far as the reports show there was no Christian Scientist around. It cannot be charged in this case that Christian Science killed him. And why, on every fair and reasonable ground, may not the non-believers in the efficacy of materia medica, in behalf of an outraged public demand that the physicians in whose hands he died shall be forthwith arrested on the charge of manslaughter? Let a just people answer.

Some prominent citizens of Boston have also recently died, surrounded by physicians. There was no Christian Scientist in these cases. Why did they die? and why should not the American physicians also at once be arrested on the charge of manslaughter? Why do not the newspapers take up these cases and send them broadcast over the world as cases of murder? Let the people answer these questions.

December 15, 1898

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