I am the only one left of a family of ten children, having followed five sisters, four brothers, and my father to the grave; all swept away with consumption. In September, 1894, I was taken down with the same disease and was given up by one of the best doctors of the city. I tried another. He finally said he could do me no good; the only hope for me was to prepare to meet my God. A third said if I would go to Mexico I might last a few years longer, but really there was no cure for me. Within ten hours thereafter I was crossing the Rio Grande River, and I stayed in Mexico eight months; returning to San Antonio, Texas, in November, 1895, with very little improvement in my health.

The following January I went to Rockdale, Texas, to try coal mining. After one month's trial I saw that I was too weak to work at such labor, but I had no means to go home. I was writing to my mother to sell one of my horses and send me the money, that I might pay my board-bill and go home. While writing, the landlady said to me, "Why don't you take Christian Science treatment; maybe you would get well?" I had never heard of such treatment, so I asked her what it was. She only said, "Mrs. O. is a Christian Scientist, why don't you ask her to treat you?" Christian Scientist! I was startled to hear such a strange name. I did not finish my letter. I walked out in the field thinking, "What is Christian Science, and how can I get to see that Christian Scientist?"

October 20, 1898

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