Prayer heals leg injury

I have been blessed from childhood to have Christian Science in my life. Over many decades it has enabled me to meet health, relationship, financial, and career challenges, and it has brought success, harmony, and happiness. 

In my senior years, I’ve especially relished gardening and playing golf. One day while doing some strenuous yardwork, I injured my leg. My neighbor, a former registered nurse, was sure I had broken my hip, and she insisted on taking me to the emergency room. X-rays showed no breakage, but the kind medical staff told me I had pulled every muscle in that leg. 

I was unable to do what was necessary to care for myself and my husband, and the pain was intense, so I arranged for two women living nearby to come twice a day to help my husband. A friend then drove me to a Christian Science nursing facility, where I was lovingly cared for while I prayed with a Christian Science practitioner to lift my thought above the pain and immobility. Each day I prayed with seven synonyms for God that are taught in Christian Science—Mind, Spirit, Soul, Principle, Life, Truth, and Love—affirming that as God’s creation, made in His image and likeness, I am the reflection of His perfection. I also made a point of denying that age has any power over God’s creation, so it could not diminish my capacities.

In three days I was able to return home and carry on with my duties, though I was still limping a bit. The complete healing required persistence, but in a couple of weeks my normal mobility was restored, and soon I was able to play golf again. 

The greatest blessing of this healing is that prayer increased my receptivity to God’s angel thoughts. Listening to their messages brings me joy beyond measure. 

Daily prayer and study as taught in Christian Science have been indispensable to me throughout my life, helping me to grow spiritually. The overcoming of self-will, self-righteousness, and self-justification is ongoing, but it leads me ever upward. 

Faith Donavin
Cherry Valley, California, US

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June 13, 2022

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