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TeenConnect: Your Healings

A quick healing at camp

From the Christian Science Sentinel - June 7, 2017

From the teen series: Your Healings - June 7, 2017

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TeenConnect: Your Healings

Our teen camp group was hosting the little kids’ cabins for breakfast one morning at the beginning of the summer. I was sitting with my campers and their little buddies eating breakfast outside and enjoying the gorgeous day until a wasp stung me on my hand.

The moment I was stung, it hurt, but I also knew that I didn’t want to scare the kids by making a scene. It wasn’t until I thought about why I wasn’t reacting that I realized that the suggestion of being hurt wasn’t one I had to accept. God is good and didn’t create anything that can harm us. So just as I could choose to make a scene or not, I could also choose whether to believe that there was something that could harm me or not. I chose to trust 100 percent in God’s goodness.

I have had healings before, but never one this quick.

The healing was pretty much instantaneous. The pain and redness vanished. I have had healings before, but never one this quick. I attribute that to my instant refusal of the suggestion of harm and my acceptance of the truth of my safety and perfection. Making the choice to stay calm in the first place helped me see that in reality, nothing could interfere with my God-given harmony, and nothing could get in the way of the good that I was doing with my campers. I went on to enjoy the gorgeous day.

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