The Christian Science Monitor: its challenge today

Address delivered at a Literature Activities meeting in the original edifice of The Mother Church, November 26, 1945, by John H. Hoagland, Manager of The Christian Science Publishing Society.

Originally published in the 1946 pamphlet titled “The Christian Science Monitor: its challenge today”

 In preparing for this meeting, I could not help thinking that perhaps we have all had enough talk about the great work we have to do. If we are going to think in terms of words, I am sure that mountains could be moved if all the words that have already been so eloquently spoken about the mission of The Christian Science Monitor and our part in it could be translated fully into action.

I like to think humbly and gratefully of all those who have watched and prayed and served and exhorted us so faithfully in all the eventful years of Monitor history that have gone before. I often wonder what I or anyone else could hope to add to their devoted pioneer labors, their clear sense of duty and purpose, their consecrated metaphysical work, and their tireless service which guided the young newcomer among the world's daily newspapers to the time when it would reach such prestige and acclaim as only Mary Baker Eddy herself could have foreseen back in November, 1908.

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