Fear of flying gone

I used to be one of those white-knuckle fliers. I would hardly sleep or eat for about a week before flying, and my heart would race from the time I got to the airport until the plane’s wheels touched down at our destination. Prayer helped, but the fear was always there. After one bumpy flight with my husband, I burst into tears and pleaded with him not to ask me to fly again. He didn’t, and I didn’t fly for ten years. 

Then my son, living and studying abroad, had exciting news. He and his Welsh girlfriend were getting married . . . in Wales. My joy was heavily clouded with fear. How would I get on a plane? Would I miss my son’s wedding? My husband offered the option of going by boat. While that was a possibility, and I loved my husband for that tender care for me, I knew I needed to overcome this fear once and for all through Christian Science.

Bible Lens
July 11, 2022

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