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A better basis

As we refuse to leave out Spirit, or Love, and trust the palpable goodness of God, we will see spiritually and practically the activity of divine good going on right where we are.
Keeping Watch

Our real home

I learned that wherever we are, this atmosphere of Love is the only reliable place, and it always feels like home. Jesus called it the kingdom of God, and it is available to us anywhere and under any circumstances.


A poem that goes beyond political leanings.
Instead of having to develop a thick skin to protect ourselves from another’s intentional or unintentional hurt, we can expand our understanding of divine Love’s constant healing presence in our lives.
Turning points in spiritual growth
Little stories with big meanings.

After the scary movie

When it was time to turn out the lights and go to bed, I couldn’t stop picturing scary images from that movie. I knew it had all been fake, but I was still afraid.

Two meaningful healings

I was well. And from the perspective of God, Truth, I had always been well.
Testimony of Healing
This healing has left me with an enduring sense of freedom and of my—and everyone’s—full rights as a spiritual idea of God.
Testimony of Healing

Inflammation swiftly healed

In January of this year, whilst I was serving as an attendant in my local Christian Science Reading Room, my colleague looked at me and remarked that I needed attention.
Bible Lens

Adam and Fallen Man

Who told you that you were naked?
Letters & Conversations

Letters & Conversations

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