Unnatural bleeding stopped

One morning I discovered some unnatural bleeding. It had been over 15 years since I had gone through menopause, so the first thing to address was fear. I knew that this “False Evidence Appearing Real,” as I had come to think of fear, was not true of my spiritual identity as the perfect reflection of my Maker. Christian Science reveals that God, Spirit, governs all the functions of His creation harmoniously, and as a spiritual expression of God, my true identity was not governed by blood or any other material element. 

I realized that because each of us is, in truth, the image and likeness of God, I could claim this spiritual fact in my consciousness, and my body would conform by expressing normality. This line of thinking helped lessen the fear, and the situation did not worsen, though it did continue.

The next morning there seemed to be no change, and we were to leave for an extended visit to help with our infant grandchildren in another state. I called a Christian Science practitioner for prayerful treatment. She related a recent experience she’d had at a friend’s dock early one morning. A heavy mist hung over the water, but when the wind came up, the mist totally disappeared. She likened this to divine Spirit moving upon the “waters” of thought to dispel the “mist” of false belief. Before we hung up, she pointed out that the physical evidence of a problem was an illusion with no basis in spiritual reality, so it must disappear.

It came to me to explore the various meanings of the word flow. I researched how this word was used in several hymns in the Christian Science Hymnal and jotted down the hymn numbers for further study. I looked up each of these hymns, where I found flow being used to describe eternal joy, God’s fullness, praise for God, righteousness, and “streams of living water” (Henry W. Baker, No. 330 ). I was especially inspired by some lines by John Bowring: 

So Truth reveals the perfect whole,
        Its radiance shall o’erflow the world,—

Shall flow to bless but not destroy;
        As when the cloudless lamp of day
Pours out its floods of light and joy,
        And sweeps the lingering mist away.

(No. 363 )

These lines beautifully connected my study of flow to the mental mist the practitioner had discussed. I felt I’d been divinely led to this hymn and was expectant of a healing outcome. 

The next morning there was no further bleeding. My freedom continued during the rest of the visit, despite much walking, fetching, and lifting during those next days, and the condition has never returned. This healing remains very precious and inspiring to me.

Joy Albins
Fairfield Glade, Tennessee, US

You’re blessed
July 19, 2021

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