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As the false sense of having a pro or con personality yields to the reality of our glorious spiritual identity, the radiancy of Christ is revealed, reflecting God’s healing power.
In following Jesus, Mrs. Eddy moved beyond a personal sense of healing. Her writings point not to personal ability but to a deep awareness of God’s presence and each individual’s inherent spiritual perfection as what empowered her remarkable healing work.
Genuine innocence is a trusting, pure confidence that God is all-powerful and all-present good. This carries with it the conviction that evil is not powerful because it’s not sanctioned by God, and can dissolve into its inherent unreality.
It was my desire not only to live a moral, God-centered life, but also to maintain honor and respect for my family back in the United States.
TeenConnect: Your Healings
It was the state championship, and after an intense race, this runner found himself contending with fatigue in the next event. But that’s when everything he’d been putting into practice as a Christian Scientist came to his rescue.
Glimpses of Truth

Only a moment

I walked comfortably to meet my daughter, rejoicing all the way in the quickness and power of God’s Word.
Testimony of Healing

Anxiety attacks healed

I read Science and Health from cover to cover. After a few months, I felt free from anxiety and at peace.
Testimony of Healing

Scorpion sting healed

When problems come up, it’s natural for me to start praying as taught in Christian Science. 
Testimony of Healing
I realized that because each of us is, in truth, the image and likeness of God, I could claim this spiritual fact in my consciousness, and my body would conform by expressing normality.

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References to “the word of the Lord” appear well over two hundred times in the Hebrew Bible.

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