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Time and again Mrs. Eddy’s writings warn against every belief in and reaction to personality.
To find health would involve becoming better acquainted with myself as an idea of Mind, God—as perfect, spiritual, sinless, ageless, good. 

The life we’re meant to live

My concept of myself as a suffering mortal trapped in a physical body was gone, and I knew that I was the spiritual child of God only, free from mortality with all its discords and limitations.

Rediscovering joy

God is showing you that you have a share in His joy. There is as much divine joy available as you could possibly want, and you have a share in it. 

Freed from blaming

I was feeling both divided and fully justified in my feelings of outrage and disbelief that this church, founded on divine Love, could do something that I felt was so unloving.
I realized how much love there was at camp. I had learned in Sunday School that God is Love and that Love is everywhere. But now I really saw that.
Testimony of Healing
The doctor called five days later with the test results, showing I tested positive for Covid-19. I was able to report that I was already well.
Testimony of Healing
I had been afraid to surrender the presumed—and false—benefits of drinking. Now I was ready, willing, and actually eager to abandon alcohol consumption as though I were offering a sacrifice to God.
Testimony of Healing

A changed life

There is one overarching theme for the many healings I have experienced: I am not alone—God is always with me.
Bible Lens


The refining imagery is common in both Old and New Testaments.

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