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Redeeming the time

Jesus provided abundant proof of the redeeming power of Christ in the numberless healings he brought about through prayer.
Easter invites us all to turn from grief to the recognition of “infinite possibilities.”
Keeping Watch
The more I learn of the depth and breadth of the spiritual fact that God is Love, the more I am able to turn the other cheek—to turn aside in order to gain a new view and to see clearly that divine Love is blessing me and everyone.
Keeping Watch
Instead of chiming in with discussions of disease and media reports describing discord, I learned to listen for opportunities to share the good news of man’s wholeness and integrity as God’s expression.
Glimpses of Truth

Just one hour

Whether I am attending a church service virtually or in person, can I commit to making that hour one of alertness, of openness to receiving fresh messages of inspiration from my pastor, the Bible together with Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures by Mary Baker Eddy?
TeenConnect: Trending
Cut off from friends and family during the pandemic, this teen found herself slipping into constant unhappiness with no clear way out. But was her happiness really at the mercy of her circumstances? A conversation with her mom brought new spiritual insights.
Testimony of Healing

Breathing freely again

The thought came to just say no to the symptoms. With each breath, I said vehemently, “No, no, no!”
Testimony of Healing

No more flu

Glimpsing more clearly that God is the only Mind or power capable of thought and being, I felt my body conforming to this understanding, and I was completely healed of the flu symptoms within half a day.
Testimony of Healing

Stomach pain healed

Nothing could arrest God’s healing power or keep me from feeling it, because all is Mind and its infinite and good manifestation, or expression. There is no room for anything else.

Who will roll away the stone?

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