Scalding quickly healed

I was baking bread one afternoon and decided to make a cup of tea. While I was pouring the boiling water, it accidentally splashed onto my face. The pain was excruciating. It was difficult to think or pray. I called a Christian Science practitioner to pray with me. Her words of comfort quieted me and helped me turn to God.

As I prayed, I was reminded of how close I had felt to God, divine Love, during the previous few months, which had been a time of tremendous spiritual growth and transformation. This feeling of closeness to Love made it easier to trust Love to care for me. Instead of being mesmerized by pain, I felt Love’s tangible, healing presence. God assured me that I was safe and that He was showing me the way forward, step by step. It felt right to continue with my baking. 

Mary Baker Eddy, the Discoverer of Christian Science, wrote: “Look away from the body into Truth and Love, the Principle of all happiness, harmony, and immortality. Hold thought steadfastly to the enduring, the good, and the true, and you will bring these into your experience proportionably to their occupancy of your thoughts” (Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures, p. 261).

Looking to Truth and Love seemed so natural. I felt like a little child who trusted her Parent, my Father-Mother God. I deeply felt Love’s presence embracing me and telling me I couldn’t be hurt because God keeps His children safe and is the only power. I was dwelling with Love, where pain doesn’t exist.

The Bible says, “There is no fear in love, but perfect love casts out fear” (I John 4:18, New Revised Standard Version) This perfect love of God wiped out all my fear. I was left with peace and a childlike expectancy of a quick healing. And that’s exactly what happened: Within an hour, the pain completely disappeared. After the bread was baked, I went out to pick up takeout food for dinner and had a peaceful evening. The burns healed quickly and left no scars. 

In the past, I had always found it hard to continue my activities when faced with pain or injuries. But in this experience, turning wholeheartedly to Love sustained me so completely that I naturally felt able to be myself. And that meant continuing to express the joy, gratitude, love, and peace that come from God. This is the inevitable effect of leaning on Love and feeling its healing touch. 

I am grateful for Christ Jesus’ teachings and his powerful examples of healing, which show how we can discover the kingdom of heaven within us and how loved we are as God’s children. Eddy’s discovery of the laws of Christian metaphysics explains how Jesus did his healing works and reveals the practicality of Christianity. I am grateful that the Bible and Science and Health show how we can rebel against being victims of injury or pain and find our freedom as God’s children. I am grateful beyond words. 

Alexis Deacon
Portland, Oregon, US

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