Flu symptoms healed

A few days before Thanksgiving of 2019, I went shopping with a friend who is a retired medical nurse. Although we’re good friends, we have opposite views on germs and contagion, and she knows I rely on prayer for healing, as Christ Jesus taught. 

As we were sitting down to lunch, she handed me a bottle of hand sanitizer, commenting that it was flu season and she did not want to catch it. I used the sanitizer and let her statement about germs just sort of fly by.

That evening I could not stop sneezing. I decided it was dog hair and dust causing the sneezing. But it didn’t stop. I called a Christian Science practitioner to help me through prayer, and I went to bed assuming all would be well in the morning. 

The next morning I read a message the practitioner had sent, and the healing words comforted me. But when I tried to get up and begin my day, I found the symptoms worsening.

I was serving as First Reader of my branch Church of Christ, Scientist. Thanksgiving week is probably the First Reader’s busiest week. I had to prepare for and conduct the Wednesday testimony meeting and the Thanksgiving Day and Sunday services. But I had no voice, no energy, and no focus. However—and I feel this was key to my healing progress—I never thought of not reading for these services. This was not pride or ego; it was a sincere conviction that I would be healed and that was all there was to it. 

Mary Baker Eddy, who discovered Christian Science, wrote that when she discerned the spiritual sense, or Science, of Christianity, she realized, “It was the living, palpitating presence of Christ, Truth, which healed the sick” (Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures, p. 351). The Christ, the spiritual idea of the Truth that is God, is with each of us always, inspiring us with healing thoughts.

By Wednesday, the symptoms were at their worst, and the testimony meeting I was to conduct that evening was at church in a town an hour away. The practitioner continued to pray for me and share healing ideas. I clung to the idea of the Christ’s ever-presence and what it reveals of our God-given dominion over contagion. I grew stronger. Within a few hours, I was symptom-free.

I never was so grateful to be at a church service as I was that night! I was completely healed, relishing the healing and the power of God, divine Love, that I felt, and I shared my experience with those present. 

Thanksgiving the next day was an extension of my gratitude from the night before. I conducted the service that morning as well as the Sunday one with no trace of cold or flu symptoms and no aftereffects.

From this experience, I can see more clearly the need not simply to accept “fly by” comments about the reality and inevitability of disease. Instead, I can immediately reverse such statements based on understanding the spiritual fact of our God-given identity, which includes unchanging health. I had been blaming material conditions as the cause of my suffering. Instead, I needed to know that God, Spirit, is the only cause, and claim my dominion as His offspring, subject to no other effect than that which God causes—infinite good.

I continue to hold this healing in my heart, especially because of what I learned. It has strengthened me to see God’s law in action in my daily life and as I pray for the world.

Alice Chedister Ellis
Newport, North Carolina, US

This article was originally published as a web original on November 23, 2020.

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