Flu symptoms healed

This article was originally published as a web original on November 23, 2020.

A few days before Thanksgiving of 2019, I went shopping with a friend who is a retired medical nurse. Although we’re good friends, we have opposite views on germs and contagion, and she knows I rely on prayer for healing, as Christ Jesus taught. 

As we were sitting down to lunch, she handed me a bottle of hand sanitizer, commenting that it was flu season and she did not want to catch it. I used the sanitizer and let her statement about germs just sort of fly by.

That evening I could not stop sneezing. I decided it was dog hair and dust causing the sneezing. But it didn’t stop. I called a Christian Science practitioner to help me through prayer, and I went to bed assuming all would be well in the morning. 

Testimony of Healing
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March 1, 2021

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