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The truth about fear

Knowing that heaven-born peace is permanently ours as God’s reflection, we can always refuse entrance to fear—for ourselves, for humanity—seeing it for the baseless fallacy it is.
Keeping Watch
The same power Jesus expressed is available today to all who follow Christ’s commands.

Brother man

Enjoy this week’s poetic offering.
Keeping Watch
The inner calm that comes from experiencing God brings outward harmony. This spiritual peace we experience in thought can’t be undone.
Keeping Watch

On the alert

To be mentally alert is to stay attuned to God, to listen to the voice of the Christ continually, regardless of where we are and what we are doing.
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Healed of depression

It seemed like no one—not my parents, my teachers, or my friends—knew how to help me.
Testimony of Healing

Child healed of injuries from bike accident

There was no ongoing suffering, disfigurement, or anything that prevented me from having an exciting and joy-filled adventure along with the rest of the family.
Testimony of Healing

Flu symptoms healed

A few days before Thanksgiving of 2019, I went shopping with a friend who is a retired medical nurse.
Testimony of Healing

Scalding quickly healed

Instead of being mesmerized by pain, I felt Love’s tangible, healing presence.
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