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From the readers

[Evan Mehlenbacher, “Prayer can wipe out pain,” Sentinel, June 15, 2020]
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Inspiration during isolation

I had a “present tense” epiphany that shut up the clamor of worldly thinking that had been diverting my thoughts from Love.

Untangling feelings of loss

We can no more lose any genuine good than we can lose God.
We may think of the word power in relation to government and leadership. But as this Christian Scientist explains, the divine authority that comes from God is also central to healing physical illness, including contagious disease.

Let your light shine

The love we feel for another and the care we give are inspired by divine Love, not a personal love.
I became eager to pick up the pen and pay those bills!

Don’t let it harden your heart

I can’t possibly lose anything good, because God is divine Love and He alone is my Father and my Mother.
Last year, in July I spent a few days in the United States at a camp for young Christian Scientists.
Testimony of Healing

Healing of viral flu

One day, while praying about the coronavirus situation, I was reminded of a healing I had in college.
Testimony of Healing

Freed from grief

I am so grateful for the practicality and availability of Christian Science, always ready to meet all our needs.
Testimony of Healing

God’s control shown in emergency

Recently, I visited my daughter and had the privilege of helping her as she went about her daily work taking care of horses on a large property.
What’s required of us is to see others and ourselves as Love’s essential expression, naturally and inevitably inclined to love.
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