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From the readers

[Brian Stock, “Finding security in the divine economy,” Sentinel, May 18, 2020]
On the web: The JSH-Online.
As I was racing to get downtown, my thought went immediately to God.

Who’s flying the plane?

God knows every one of His own ideas and is wholly responsible for their being perfect and eternal.
Moral laws, just like natural laws such as gravity, cannot be successfully disregarded.
God is our shelter and safe place.
Where others saw a person with a contagious disease, Jesus saw the expression of divine Spirit, forever whole and free.
How I Found Christian Science
I want to share some of my joy about having been introduced to Christian Science.

On the day of the big race

I decided I would only identify myself correctly—the way God made me, as His spiritual reflection.
Testimony of Healing

Flu symptoms gone

My family and I were looking forward to a long Christmas road trip.
Testimony of Healing
It is well past time for me to come out of the woodwork and finally share my first testimony of healing through Christian Science.
Testimony of Healing
One morning after I let my horse, Peppe, out of his stall, he slowly walked to an enclosed arena and collapsed to the ground.
The cover of the June 8, 2020, issue of the Christian Science Sentinel mistakenly carried the title “Christian Science JSH-Online” for some subscribers.
Recognizing the supremacy of God, and man’s worth and dignity as God’s expression, has unifying and healing power.
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