The crowning idea that conquers fear and heals

I have been praying about the coronavirus concerns and fears that have spread around the world and disrupted many lives and economies. In my prayer one evening, I felt led to research the term coronavirus to understand where the word comes from. I’ve found that in the past, considering the origins of a word often helped me debunk the underlying fear of an illness, and doing so in this case proved to be no different.

The source of the word virus is a Greek word meaning poison. And corona comes from a Latin word meaning crown. So, one meaning of the word coronavirus could be said to be a “poisonous crown” or “crown of poison.” That woke me up!

This perspective alerted me to see the virus as a counterfeit sense of the true crown as understood in Christian Science. The real crown represents the Christ, the divine nature Jesus expressed, which is also expressed in each one of us. It also represents the resurrection of thought from life in matter to life as Spirit. In Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures by Mary Baker Eddy, we read: “Christian Scientists must live under the constant pressure of the apostolic command to come out from the material world and be separate. They must renounce aggression, oppression and the pride of power. Christianity, with the crown of Love upon her brow, must be their queen of life” (p. 451).

The real crown represents the Christ, the divine nature Jesus expressed, which is also expressed in each one of us.

A few years ago, two friends of mine passed away, both after dealing with conditions concerning their lungs. I had been praying to overcome my fears and to see their families comforted. 

That year, Christmas Day fell on a Sunday, and as my family and I were driving to church that morning, I suddenly found myself with pain in my chest and shortness of breath. I couldn’t speak and was momentarily gripped with fear. Thinking especially about Christmas, I lifted my thought to know that I am the expression of God, and that absolutely nothing could take away the Christ light’s illumination of my true, spiritual nature. I held to this until I was able to again breathe normally, joyously joining the church service on time.

Over the following months, however, the condition continued to occur on and off. While I was able to have a quick recovery each time, the complete healing had not yet occurred. The turning point came one day in an unexpected way. I was driving alone on a long car trip when this condition tried to seize me yet again. This time, I took a different approach. I put on my mental “Christly crown” and vehemently declared out loud that I was the beloved daughter of God, and who did this problem think it was? 

I stood firm, emphatically affirming my worth and perfection as my God-given birthright. I told the lie of illness to “Get thee hence,” as Christ Jesus told Satan (Matthew 4:10). I knew that as the child of God (as we all actually are), I was superior to any belief that would try to steal my birthright of perfection. I refused to bow to matter; I would bow only to God.

This prayer took about twenty minutes, and I did not stop taking this firm stance until I absolutely knew, with 100 percent conviction, that I was completely immune to any belief that would appear to deny my true, spiritual nature. Once I was clear on this, I was completely healed. That was years ago, and the condition has never returned.

I refused to bow to matter; I would bow only to God.

Eddy writes: “Fear, which is an element of all disease, must be cast out to readjust the balance for God. Casting out evil and fear enables truth to outweigh error. The only course is to take antagonistic grounds against all that is opposed to the health, holiness, and harmony of man, God’s image” (Science and Health, p. 392). When we cast out fear, the foundation of any false belief is completely undermined, and the belief has nothing on which to stand. 

In praying about coronavirus, I continually cast out whatever fears surrounding it come to thought. We can each wear the true and only crown of Life, which assures our inherent immunity as the expression of God.

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