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[Evan Mehlenbacher, “You have no power over me,” JSH-Online.
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Nothing is amiss in the all-embracing kingdom of divine Love.
Despite a person’s present satisfaction or dissatisfaction with their life, a knowledge of God is fundamental to our existence.
I didn’t want any part of this attraction, so I tried to push the feelings away.
Love has its source in God and therefore spans every phenomenon of life. 
The real crown represents the Christ, the divine nature Jesus expressed, which is also expressed in each one of us.
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Struggling with uncertainty and fear about the future, this author needed an answer. What she found in the Bible allayed her fears and helped her stop worrying about what came next.
Testimony of Healing
When a seemingly vicious flu-like condition passed through my children’s school district, my daughter came home from high school one day with the symptoms.
Testimony of Healing
One day as I was walking in the basement of a building, I tripped and started to fall forward.
Testimony of Healing
One weekend last spring I played tennis with my wife at our community tennis court.
Then came Peter to him, and said, Lord, how oft shall my brother sin against me, and I forgive him?

Doing “life’s work”

Our lifework is to live our oneness with God—our sinless nature as God’s spiritual reflection.
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