Trust in the face of uncertainty

“We are in a period of turbulence and instability unprecedented during most people’s lifetimes. But we are also only at the beginning of defining what comes next. It’s a critical inflection point.” This forms the starting point for The Christian Science Monitor’s series “Navigating uncertainty: The search for global bearings.” With all that’s stirring in the world today, there is an unsettling sense that little is breaking through the enormous challenges. Yet this series explores a reason to hope. It highlights how the direction of the future lies not only with national and international institutions but also with individuals and local communities. 

When so much seems uncertain, how can we find the confidence to trust in God, and know that it makes a difference? I’ve found that prayer, which for me involves a scientific, Christian approach to quiet listening for divine wisdom modeled after the example of Christ Jesus, can begin to shift things that loom large and seem intractable. 

Bible Lens
Adam and Fallen Man
May 4, 2020

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