“Throwing shade” or reflecting light?

In our daily contacts with people, we may make judgments of them. But what if instead we are loving enough to see through human labels and imperfections and prayerfully stand up for others’ true, spiritual, God-given goodness? In other words, will we be someone who “throws shade” or someone who takes to heart the fact that we reflect the light of divine Love?

“Throwing shade” is a colloquial term describing a negative attitude that criticizes others. For example: “Why can’t that mother figure out how to discipline her child?” “That guy in the checkout looks snobby.” If communicated, even subtly, the effect of all this shade can feel like someone deliberately blocking the sun from you on a pleasant day so you are left chilly instead of enjoying some warmth. 

Shielded from contagion during air travel
May 4, 2020

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