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The real deal

Dear Reader: 

Certainty in uncertain times

God isn’t a person who sits in the clouds picking and choosing whom to listen to and what to fix. 
Man’s natural inclination is attraction to the spiritual light of good, which can never be diminished by dark clouds of sin, fear, and doubt.
God gently revealed to me that a critical attitude was darkening my life.
I realized that rather than succumbing to fear, there was something more constructive and health-promoting that I could do.
My friend knew in her heart that true happiness and freedom come from God.

Back on the trail

Testimony of Healing
I grew up in Southern California, where the summers were warm and I often went barefoot.
Testimony of Healing
A few years ago, my husband and I had one of our greatest personal challenges.
Testimony of Healing
About seven years ago, I had a healing that had a bigger impact on my life than just a welcome release from physical discomfort.
Image and Inspiration

'God’s angels ever come and go ...'

When we anchor thought in God’s ever-present love, and take the step immediately in front of us that seems nearest right, the way tends to open naturally.
Bible Lens

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