Much more than physical cure

Some years ago, as I was working on a project in our barn, the edge of a roll of stiff wire mesh sprang back and cut one of my fingers quite badly. I wrapped the finger in a clean cloth, finished the job, and bandaged the cut when I got back to the house. 

I didn’t give the incident much thought, and over the next week or so the wound healed and the pain dissipated. But the finger didn’t quite return to its normal flexibility, so after some time I called a Christian Science practitioner to help me address the problem thoroughly through prayer that would result in complete healing.

I’d seen it proven countless times in my experience that Christian Science certainly does bring about physical cure—through a spiritual understanding of, and love for, both God and our true identity as God’s spiritual reflection. It transforms individual human consciousness, and in doing so it also brings a deep feeling of well-being that goes beyond mere physicality. The individual experiences something of what Jesus called the kingdom of God, which he also said is within us, and this change in thought effects a change—healing—in the physical body.  

No need to peep!
April 6, 2020

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