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From the readers

Thank you for the clarity in this well-written article (Deborah Huebsch, “What is Christian Science healing?
On the web: The JSH-Online.
Continuing The Conversation
Dear Reader,
Peter had seen something of what life truly is—spiritual, eternal.
Outside of Jesus’ tomb, it must have appeared as though nothing were happening.

“Show me!”

I cried out to God, “Show me what I need to know.”
God is with all mankind, not just one particular religious group.

Much more than physical cure

Christian healing is all about witnessing to the presence and power of God right at hand.

No need to peep!

Peep! My daughter’s bedroom was in the basement.
Testimony of Healing

Injured foot healed

A few years ago, I was looking forward to a trip out to an island in Lake Michigan for a fun day of hiking and exploring with family and friends.
Testimony of Healing

Freed from grief

Two years ago my dear wife of 23 years suddenly passed away.
Testimony of Healing
One afternoon when I was visiting my college roommate for the weekend, we decided to take a bike ride down a country road.
Image and Inspiration

'For as the earth bringeth ...'

We can turn to the ever-living Christ for assurance of Mind’s ascendancy over all matter’s claims.
Bible Lens

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