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[Sentinel Watch, Evan Mehlenbacher, “What is animal magnetism?
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While we might usually think of health as a variable condition of a physical body, it is, in fact, an unchanging spiritual quality sourced in God. It’s permanent.

You are brave!

God’s protection is built into our very being.

A home maintained by God

All of us are living, moving, and having our being in God.
The mountain of fear could be made low by knowing God’s all-power.
How can I feel and express more comfort, joy, and compassion?
A friend of mine recently gave a talk on philanthropy to a group of incarcerated men.
TeenConnect: Q&A

When my friends dumped me

If you’ve ever been dumped by a friend, you know it can hurt—and that it can also be hard to trust again. One author shares how prayer has helped her approach friendships more fearlessly.
Testimony of Healing

Harmonious childbirth

When I was giving birth to my first son, I felt carried throughout the whole labor process.
Testimony of Healing

Eye trouble healed

Some years ago when I was recovering from an illness, my vision became cloudy, and I felt discomfort in my eyes.
Testimony of Healing

Pilot’s sudden vertigo gone

Many years ago I was a private pilot, and I used my plane to fly to business functions all over the Los Angeles Basin.
Testimony of Healing
One evening several months ago, my pant leg caught on a kitchen drawer, and I pitched forcefully backward, hitting my head on the corner of a cabinet door before landing on the stone floor.
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'For flower and fruitage now are seen ...'

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Even though it was written in 1883, this timeless article by Mary Baker Eddy from her Miscellaneous Writings 1883–1896 offers a concise yet thorough analysis of what’s going on during times of contagion.
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