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From the readers

[Kevin Graunke, “Bringing our prayers to the threat of contagion,” JSH-Online.
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Continuing the conversation
Dear Readers,
Healing is the natural result of becoming aware of God’s presence.
How I found Christian Science
Before I began learning about Christian Science, I was sick often and went to a doctor or an acupuncturist almost weekly.
The light of the Christ presence dispels the shadows of fear, doubt, and sickness.
Thoughts unlike God are completely foreign to our true nature.

Healed on a field trip

I felt such a clear sense of “God’s got this!”
One normal Wednesday morning, I suddenly realized that my favorite toy—Ariel, from The Little Mermaid—was missing.
Testimony of Healing

Forgiveness brings right employment

<div class="inline-quote"> &lt;div class="inline-quote"&gt; &lt;p&gt;Jesus, what precept is like thine:&lt;br&gt;   Forgive, as ye would be forgiven;&lt;br&gt;If heeded, O what power divine&lt;br&gt;   Would then transform our earth to heaven.
Testimony of Healing
I love to surf.
Testimony of Healing

Protrusion on hand gone

A couple of years ago, I occasionally noticed that when I would bend my hand forward, a protrusion, perhaps of bone, was apparent beneath the skin.

Naaman and the child

It started with a child—the little, compassionate slave girltelling the leper’s wife of Elishagiving him hope of healing.

Rotation on the Board of Trustees of The Christian Science Publishing Society

Dear Friends,
When we pause, and pray to gain a truer, more spiritual view of our desires, the pull of material distractions diminishes.
Bible Lens

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