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[Diane Williamson, “Rent is due?
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Continuing The Conversation
Dear Reader:

Finding financial freedom

God’s children are always in His loving embrace, safe and secure at all times.
Because God is all good, there would always be time for all of His goodness.

It’s not about me

Jesus knew that he reflected the goodness of God but was not the source of that goodness.
We can take comfort in knowing that God’s children are never left without divine direction and guidance.

Humor and healing

I was lifted out of a very intense sense of hopelessness and could see a clear path out of recurring depression. 
TeenConnect: Turning Point
She was deeply in love with her boyfriend, and even after some bumps, she thought they were on solid ground. But as she trusted the relationship to God and prayed for direction, she heard some unexpected guidance that had life-changing effects.
Testimony of Healing
Listening to reports in the news recently about job redundancy and people being laid off during this lockdown period, I was reminded of a time when I faced redundancy, with all the distress and uncertainty this experience often brings.
Testimony of Healing
Over a year ago I had a wonderful healing of stomach pains, muscle soreness, and lightheadedness.
Testimony of Healing
I want to share the healing experience that brought me into the beautiful path of Christian Science.
Testimony of Healing

Dislocated finger healed

My eighteen-year-old son, Chris, was in the basement working out with a boxing bag with some of his friends when I heard him yell in pain and run upstairs, saying that he had dislocated his finger.
Image and Inspiration
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In this divine economy, good flows directly and unhindered from God to His idea, man.
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