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From the readers

Do you remember a turning point?
On the web: The following JSH-Online.
Continuing The Conversation
Dear Reader,
I wanted to put all my trust in God, and that requires some deep, surrendering prayer.
To see ourselves as safe and cared for by the divine All-power now and always helps calm our fear.
God’s plan for each of us is always good, and better than anything we could plan on our own.

God shows us how!

Our prayers don’t need to be wordy or complicated, or even verbal.
How I Found Christian Science
Years ago, I cleaned out my aunt’s apartment in Chicago after she moved to a nursing home.
TeenConnect: Your Healings
After being unkind to each other in person and on social media, these two friends thought their friendship was over. But one of them wasn’t content to hold on to a grudge, and—even though it was hard—started trying to live by Jesus’ words and forgive his friend.
For Teens
My place was so much grander than any particular role in life.
Testimony of Healing
In my early twenties, I was introduced to Christian Science through my boyfriend’s family and became familiar with some of its teachings.
Testimony of Healing
My wife, Dotty, and I had taken some time off to visit my mother.
Testimony of Healing

Foot and chest pains gone

Some months ago, I was experiencing pains in my chest, as well as on the bottom of one of my feet.


Our true lives remain forever innocent in the eyes of our creator.
Bible Lens

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