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From the readers

What a wonderful, healing poem, “The secure Shekinah,” by Brian Kissock in the April 8, 2019, Sentinel! I was struck by its healing thought of total security.
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Find safety in God’s presence

After that experience I gave a lot more attention to praying about the basis of God-provided safety and staying safe. 
I’d never felt satisfied with a concept of God as both loving and wrathful.

Always at home

All the good qualities of home actually have their source in God.
My job was to love him and to pray to know that God loved both of us.
How I Found Christian Science

An answer to prayer

I grew up in a home where church and the Bible were an integral part of my experience.
Editor’s note: Dedication of a branch church or society is a public affirmation of the importance of Church in the lives of Christian Scientists and in the community.
From Teens

The key to forgiveness

I started to reverse those negative thoughts, turn toward God, and forgive my friend.
Testimony of Healing
A few years ago, a friend and I traveled to India.
Testimony of Healing
Last summer, on a forest adventure holiday with our four youngest grandchildren, I was cycling downhill when I fell off my bike.
Testimony of Healing
Several years ago I was given a substantial promotion overseeing the start-up of a new business location.
Image and Inspiration

' For ever, O Lord ...'


The commitment that blesses

As God’s children, it’s our very nature to love and respond to good—to commit to it. 
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