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From the readers

[Madeline Cassidy, “ ‘Citizens … of the household of God,’ ” Sentinel, December 10, 2018]
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Find refreshing rest

One way to think of “rest” is as being still in order to feel the comfort and protection of the allness and love of God.

Waves of peace

I began to see that the peace of God was ever present and ever active.
We can stand our ground, spiritually and confidently, knowing that all evil must flee (as darkness flees from light) because it has no power or reality in God’s creation.

Getting beyond knee-jerk reactions

Much more than willing oneself to “just get over it,” turning to God’s always-active love and guidance lifts us out of unhealthy mental states.
Comprehending the Word is a living conversation we each have with God.
How I Found Christian Science

My Redeemer lives!

When I was in college, I injured my back at work.
One day in ballet class I hurt my spine and my chest a bit when I tumbled forward.
Testimony of Healing
Not long ago my wife became unable to attend to her portion of our customary chores, so I assumed cooking, laundry, and the like in addition to my full-time job.
Testimony of Healing

Kitten healed

Recently we adopted two kittens from a rescue shelter.
Testimony of Healing

Divine Truth dissolves growth

Through the years, I have had many healings by applying the teachings of Christian Science.


The Cause of Christian Science invites all of us to be part of that great company of people publishing the evidence of good. 
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