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From the readers

[Mark Sappenfield, “Seeing past turmoil in the news,” Sentinel, November 4, 2019]
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Nothing good exists in our lives without the power and goodness of God. 
No one is excluded or separated from Love’s tender, mothering presence.

Giving thanks heals!

Stopping for a moment at any time to give thanks to God has a healing impact on our lives. 
I needed to let go of outlining where my supply would come from.
I wanted to contribute to peace and goodwill—and yes, even healing—in this community at large.

Don’t be fooled

If you’ve ever been to the desert, you may have seen what looks like water on the ground in the distance—even though there isn’t any water there.
Testimony of Healing

Mobility restored

As we get our gardens ready in the spring by preparing the ground to receive the beauty that will come forth, so in many ways we do the same for ourselves in our prayers.
Testimony of Healing

Burns quickly healed

How wonderful it is to know that even the smallest incident of restored harmony points to the authority of the universal law of God’s goodness.
Testimony of Healing

Healing after fall from horse

I was riding my horse on the trails one day.

In frictionless grace

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To the degree that we understand what God is, we begin to understand what God can do—and to experience it.
Bible Lens

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