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From the readers

[Leah Schaefer, “When a congressional intern prayed about partisan hatred,” Sentinel, September 30, 2019]
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Dear Reader,
I’m realizing that every law of God and every spiritual truth requires active witnesses to see its effects made visible.
The Christ was opening my eyes to the double standard I was holding on to. 

Making moral decisions

Only one influence governs man, who is God’s spiritual reflection. 

Character matters

As I prayed to feel that I was under the governance of Spirit, I saw that I could act from that standpoint.
Turning Points In Spiritual Growth
After a weekend of yardwork, a rash developed on my legs, arms, and hands.
For Teens

The shaking stopped

I sat down to pray for complete healing.
Testimony of Healing
Throughout most of my life I have enjoyed limitless energy, freedom of physical movement, and nearly continuous health with few cases of sickness, pain, or disease.
Testimony of Healing
Many years ago, when I was married and in my early twenties, a friend and I were offered an alcoholic drink at a show business party.
Testimony of Healing

A lifetime of healings

I’ve been a practicing Christian Scientist all my life, and I can gratefully look back on many healings of challenges related to my employment, health, relationships, safety, and more.

Rotation on the Board of Trustees of The Christian Science Publishing Society

Dear Friends,
Divine Love is the basic building block of our being. Even the darkest human experiences cannot extinguish it.
Bible Lens

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