No remaining trace of harm

Several years ago, I was employed as a full-time child-care provider by a family with three children. One day, while in the backyard practicing pitching and batting with two of the children, I was struck very hard in one eye with a baseball that had been hit. Before this happened, we had been having so much fun. The big brother was enjoying coaching his little sister in proper pitching techniques. His sister was listening to him and working so hard to improve her pitching skills. I was playing outfield and having just as much fun as the kids. 

When the ball struck me, immediately the boy, who had hit the ball, came running toward me to make sure I was OK. He was so concerned about my well-being and very apologetic. I remember saying, “I’m OK; just give me a minute.” I turned my face away from him so it wouldn’t worry him, but more important, I turned my thoughts away from the suggestion that I could have been in a place where God, good, wasn’t present, since God is infinite. 

Testimony of Healing
Quickly healed on a business trip
October 7, 2019

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