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[Dorcas Strong, “Comfort after a loved one passes on,” Sentinel, August 12, 2019]
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Continuing The Conversation
Dear Reader,

Finding solid ground

We can find a present, anchoring comfort in our Father-Mother God. 

Uninterrupted employment

I found it important not to outline the source and nature of our job prospects.

Integrity: The path out of political bias

A conversation with The Christian Science Monitor’s Audience Engagement Editor, David Clark Scott, about a spiritual path out of political bias and how each of us can read, think, and act with more integrity.

From stress to calmness

I realized it wasn’t a timeout that was required, but a lifting of thought above the human scene.
For Kids
My favorite name for God is Love.
Testimony of Healing
Several years ago, I was employed as a full-time child-care provider by a family with three children.
Testimony of Healing
Recently, I was on a business trip that took me to very different climate zones, varying from a city at high altitude to the tropics.
Testimony of Healing
Some years ago, during supper one evening I began feeling very dizzy.

Good news!

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It’s not the scale of the problem but the view of God that makes the difference.
Bible Lens

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