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From the readers

[Russ Gerber, “Reacting to headlines,” Sentinel, July 23 & 30, 2018]
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Why ...?
To those coping with chronic pain, anxiety, or depression, opioid pills hold out the promise of a longed-for oasis in what can seem like an endless desert.

Real manhood

Far from weakening masculinity, Christlike qualities strengthen and expand it.

Integrity—we all have it!

In its spiritual meaning, integrity is the state of being complete, whole, and perfect.
A correct understanding of what God is and how He made us opens the way for healing.
Is human energy, emotion, or willpower able to provide us with legitimate and long-standing success?
Turning Points In Spiritual Growth
Christian Science has taught me to remember the truth that God is good—only good.

No need for a filling

When I returned to the dentist’s office, I had a clearer, more spiritual view of myself.
Testimony of Healing
I was heading for my workplace on a Wednesday morning.
Testimony of Healing
I grew up in a family in which my father was a director of hospitals his entire career.
Testimony of Healing

Pain-free running

My favorite pastime is long-distance running.
Image and Inspiration

'Follow with reverent steps the great example ...'

The healing impetus is divine—it is God, Love, communicating the light of Truth.
Bible Lens

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